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UNIQA Peptide Tensor

Peptides and Cosmetic Drone™* Technology to increases skin tone and elasticity

The UNIQA Peptide Tensor technology provides a new solution to the challenge of stimulating collagen production by providing an active component to the skin that stimulates its own collagen synthesis internally. Thanks to the high penetration and selectivity of this Cosmetic Drone, a visible wrinkle reduction is achieved in just 30 days of treatment. Thanks to an intelligent delivery system (Cosmetic Drone™*) UNIQA Peptide Tensor recognizes and delivers the active ingredient for the regeneration of cellular collagen to key cells, so that youth starts from within.

*Tecnhology by Infinitec


  • Each single dose capsule contains 2ml of product. Each box contains 30 single doses.

Skin Types

  • Dull Skin
  • Skin with light wrinkles
  • Inelastic Skin with collagen deficiency
  • Saggy Skin


  • Use in the morning after cleansing. Just twist the top of the single dose capsule and squeeze out the product.
  • Use the whole content of the capsule on face, neck, decolletè and hands