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UNIQA Vitamin A Strong

Strong antiageing and rejuvenating high dose Vitamin A treatment for aged skin

Retinol is extremely effective at reducing the visible signs of aging. Over 40 years of research show it can help to increase skin tone, decrease the presence of wrinkles, making the skin surface smoother. UNIQA VITAMIN A STRONG with a 0.15% Retinol dose is a “shock” treatment against skin, face and neck aging. Thanks to the Microsponge® patent, Vitamin A is released in the 8-10 hours following application


  • Each single dose capsule contains 1ml of product. Each Disk contains 28 drops.


  • Aged Skin
  • Oily skin


  • Use every night after cleansing and before moisturizing. Just twist the top of the single dose capsule and squeeze out the product.
  • Use the whole content of the capsule on face, neck, decolletè and hands

Test your skin response

Test the skin response to Retinoids by applying a little amount of product behind the ear. If there’s an experience of redness or discomfort, start applying UNIQA Vitamin A twice a week for two weeks. Then gradually intensify the usage to every day. Some types of skin may need a little time to adapt to Retinoids.