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UNIQA Body Perfect

Uniqa Body Perfect Leggings features Emana® fiber a cosmetic wearable technology.

Invisible, Emana® fiber is a powerful ingredient to turn our clothes into mighty allies of beauty, body care and performance. A smart yarn that takes science and technology into its DNA to take care of you. Its innovative formula promotes several benefits, such as: extreme comfort, well-being, cosmetic effects and improvement of sports performance.

Emana® allows clothes made with it to use the natural body heat to make your daily life even better. This smart fiber converts the human body heat into far infrared rays (FIR) and emit them back to the skin, promoting several benefits. Besides its smooth and soft touch, Emana® delivers to the wearer a smoother and youthful skin appearance, reduces the appearance of cellulite, taking care of the body while helping to boost sports performance.