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Products in a single dose capsule for face, eyes contour, hands and body

UNIQA Vitamins is a range of Antioxidants, Anti-Spots and Antiaging products based on pure Vitamins E, C and A. Vitamins are preserved in a single dose capsule being absolutely safe and pure. Every skincare capsule is biodegradable and waste free (they dissolve in water or can be thrown in your compost bin).

UNIQA Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant, that fights free radicals. It protects our skin from damage and slows down the signs of skin ageing


Strong whitening and brightening high dose Vitamin C treatment for dark spot and dull skin treatment

UNIQA Vitamin A Green

Antioxidant daily Vitamin A treatment in Single Dose with minimal environmental impact

UNIQA Hyaluronic +

Ultra-moisturizing daily Hyaluronic Acid treatment in single dose for aged and scaly skin

UNIQA Peptide Filling

Peptides and Cosmetic Drone™* Technology to plump and boost dull skin

Uniqa 3D Cream | UNIQA

UNIQA 3D Cream

Sun protection (SPF 30) and a super glowing effect


The Definitive natural antiage for skin with dark spots and wrinkles

UNIQA Vitamin E+F Hands

Soothing and nourishing Vitamin E and Vitamin F daily hands treatment

UNIQA Bioslim Powerfit

They boost sport performance, reduce fatigue and accelerate muscle recovery providing the highest levels of well-being for the body