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UNIQA Peptide Lifting

Peptides and Cosmetic Drone™* Technology to smooth even the deepest wrinkles

Common facial expressions can increase the appearance of deep wrinkles and skin aging. These expressions depend on muscle contractions. UNIQA Peptide Lifting is a mix of Botox-like cell targeted peptides that inhibit acetylcholine release and muscle contraction.

It contains a double active with synergistic action in the inhibition of muscle contraction, and thanks to its high penetration and selectivity it achieves a strong reduction in the depth and length of the wrinkle at very low doses and without injections.

*Tecnhology by Infinitec


  • Each single dose capsule contains 2ml of product. Each box contains 30 single doses.

Skin Types

  • Aged Skin
  • Skin with deep wrinkles


  • Use in the morning after cleansing. Just twist the top of the single dose capsule and squeeze out the product.
  • Use the whole content of the capsule on face, neck, decolletè and hands.